Mini Residential / Light Commercial Heat Pump


AIRnergy is a small sized heat pump system designed based on 2nd Law of Thermodynamics to supply hot water by harvesting free and renewable heat from ambient, for both residential and light commercial applications. It provides 24 hours constant and safe hot water during rainy and sunny days!


 Key Features

Renewable Energy

AIRnergy utilise a small amount of electricity to harvest heat from ambient and convert it into desired water temperature instead of generating heat energy from electricity. Therefore, it can achieve THREE TIMES MORE energy efficient than conventional electric heater.

Performance Guaranteed

Regardless of weather conditions, AIRnergy is a hot water solution that provides you a CONSTANT and SAFE hot water supply. It is able to store hot water at a temperature of 60ºC which helps to prevent Legionella disease.

Cost Saving

AIRnergy is designed to save up to 70% energy consumption. 

Product Advantages

Constant Temperature

AIRnergy provides fixed output temperature with adjustable setting. Therefore, it eliminates scalding risk.

It’s Green

Renewable energy hot water solution that reduces tons of CO2 emission annually compared to conventional electric heater.


With its unique isolation design, electric leakages from both internal and external sources are isolated from the water system, thus it protects user from electrocution risk.

Blue Diamond Inner Tank

A high quality and efficient inner tank with anti-rust coating that prolongs the product lifespan.

Functional & Aesthetic

AIRnergy storage tank is built hidden above the ceiling, thus it gives better aesthetic pleasure and allocate more living space.

AIRnergy installation location