Humidity Control Heat Pump Dryer

Low Temperature Dehydrator

Low Temperature Dehydrator is a drying system incorporating with an advanced instrumentation (humidity and temperature) and automatic control system. It eliminates water content from vegetables, fruits, animal protein and seafood at low temperature to:

  1. Prevent mold and microbe growth
  2. Extend shelf life
Intrix Low Temperature Dehydrator

 Key Features

High Quality Product

Intrix Heat Pump Dryer is designed to dehydrate food products with excellent hygiene while not neglecting to provide better food color, texture, taste and to preserve food nutrients.

Low Operation Cost

Intrix heat pump dryer operates with high drying efficiency with low operation cost. It consumes an extremely low energy consumption because it harvests heat from renewable heat energy, i.e. air source. 

Low Temperature Drying

Intrix Heat Pump dryer eliminates water content from food at considerably low temperature while preserving food taste and nutrients, provide better food colour at great hygiene level.