Thermostatic Multipoint Instantaneous Water Heater


Intrix eCompact is designed with child safety Thermelizer technology that self regulates to preset temperatures. It controls water temperature automatically with zero scalding risks and protects users from power surges. Users can enjoy safe hot water supply in an instant!

eCompact Front View

 Key Features

Endless Hot Water With Thermalizer

With Thermalizer technology, eCompact is able to self-regulates the output temperature regardless of water flow rate changes. Therefore, you can now enjoy hot water supply at desired temperature without interruption for all your comfort need such as shower, jacuzzi, bathtub and basin.

Space Saving Compact Design

eCompact is small in size and requires only simple piping with flexible mounting options, even in tight spaces.

Zero Waiting Time

eCompact is designed to provide hot water supply in an instant. You can enjoy hot water as soon as you switch on the taps. Wait no more for hot water! 

Product Advantages

Multi-point Outlets

Intrix eCompact is a versatile water heater designed to provide hot water supply to multiple outlets simultaneously, such as basin, shower, bidet and bathtub.

Child Safety Thermalizer 

Self regulates output temperature regardless of water flow rate changes and maintains hot water at a safe temperature for use.

Low Activation Flow Rate

At water flow rate as low as 1.0 litre per minute, eCompact is capable to consistently maintain the preset temperature and deliver hot water supply without failure. 

Concealed Installation

Due to its small sized design, Intrix eCompact can be installed at anywhere, be it above the ceiling or underneath the basin. 

Zero Standby Heat Loss

Save up to 40% electricity usage compared to conventional storage water heater. Intrix eCompact heat up water instantly when there is need without having to store hot water in storage tank. Therefore, it eliminates standby heating loss. [Based on US Energy Department and Monash University Malaysia Campus research].

No Biological Risks

Intrix eCompact enables you to experience instant and endless hot water supply with ZERO RISK of Legionella disease.