High Temperature Industrial Heat Pump (90°C)


Extreme is a heat pump that works based on 2nd law of Thermodynamic. It harvests free and renewable heat energy, i.e. heat from ambient air and transform it into useful temperature by adding a small amount of energy. With our patented technology, Extreme is capable to produce hot water at temperature as high as 90°C regardless of the input temperature.

This heat pump is designed with 1-pass system whereby it is able to supply hot water at desired temperature in an instant.

Intrix Extreme

 Key Features

High Output Temperature

Intrix Extreme is designed with the capability to supply hot water at 90oC.

1-pass System

Regardless of the input temperature, Extreme provides the desired output water temperature instantly.

Renewable Air Source

Intrix Extreme is a weather-proof air source heat pump designed meticulously for minimum space with L or V shaped evaporating coil.