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Modular Heat Pump







How Modular Heat Pump Works



Heat Pump technology makes use of solar energy from the environment and transfers it to a water heater system. Heat from a renewable and free heat source such as the ambient air is harvested and raised to a higher temperature for use in the hot water system. With a minimum energy input into the compressor, an output of heat is achieved with a multiple of 3-6 times of the input. Comparing to a conventional water heater, Intrix Modular Heat Pump achieves up to 80% of energy saving.


The process begins

1. At the evaporator, liquid refrigerant absorbs heat from the environment causing it to evaporate.

2. The refrigerant, now in a gaseous state is moved to the compressor where it is compressed, causing it to rise in temperature.

3. The compressed (and hot) refrigerant then moves to the condenser where the heat is transferred to the water heating system. This transfer of heat causes the refrigerant to change back to a liquid state.

4. The refrigerant, now in a liquid state moves through the expansion valve, reducing its pressure.

5. The liquid refrigerant returns once again to the evaporator and the cycle repeats.





One of the key features of the Intrix Modular Heat Pump is the fast replenishing time. Utilising Intrix's patented LETTM COP Enhancement Technology results in increased output, efficiency and energy savings.



Intrix Modular Heat Pump is also able to acheive a maximum of 70oC. This ensures pathogen free hot water as high temperatures prevent the growth of the Legionella bacteria.


Installation is easy as it is built on a compact form factor. The compact wall mounted tank design offers flexibility and space savings and are a perfect fit for condominium homes. The modular design is also unlike conventional heat pump systems where the storage and heating system are a single unit, Intrix's modular system features separate heat pump and storage tank units. This allows added flexibility and installation options.





Intrix ToughTankTM - XS



Made of high grade duplex stainless steel to ensure improved corrosion resistance, the Intrix ToughTankTM XS is designed for both horizontal and vertical wall mounting. If required, an option is available for a back-up Incoloy 825 element. Each tank features a 34mm thick CFC-free insulation that improves thermal insulation and efficient heat storage.