Multi Layered Purification Water Boiler



Save time and energy

Save Time and Energy

With REINZ, you can enjoy purified hot water in an instant! No more hustle for water boiling!

Hot water at Boiling Point

Hot Water at Boiling Point

REINZ offers you hot water at boiling temperature and leaves no room for bacteria! It is perfect for sterilisation, cooking, tea or coffee making, etc.

Elegant and Spacious Kitchen

Elegant and Spacious Kitchen

Transforming your kitchen into an elegant, spacious and safe living space by eliminating countertop water boiling appliances and water purifier.

German Technology Water Purification

German Purification Technology

Water Purification technology by STIEBEL ELTRON, a global market leader in technology to provide pure and safe drinking water that you & your family would LOVE AT FIRST TASTE!

Save Bills

Cut Electricity Bill

Boiling rate will be adjusted accordingly to hot water demand automatically, thus reduce electricity consumption effectively.

Child Safety

Child Safety

Kitchen is a place of high scalding risks especially for young children, as we use countertop water boiling appliances. REINZ on the other hand is a Water Purifier & Boiler built under sink in kitchen cabinet with child lock tap feature, this it reduces scalding risks tremendously!