Thermal Energy Storage/Calorifier


Intrix ToughTank is available in both vertical and horizontal forms with multiple sizes to satisfy varied space requirements.

Medium sized ToughTanks is made of Duplex Stainless Steel whereas Large sized ToughTanks is made of Titanium Stabilised 316 Stainless Steel. All ToughTanks are weather-proof and designed for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Tough Tank Horizontal

Intrix Thermal Energy Storage is equipped with the best in class 75mm thick insulation alongside materials that meets the IEC Ecodesign EuP Class A standards. In comparison to conventional insulation that is typically 50mm thick, the 75mm insulation exhibits superior heat retention and ensure minimal heat loss. The dark blue line shown in graph represents heat loss per day based on the latest IEC Ecodesign EuP Class A requirements and Intrix’s 75mm thick insulation meets these requirements.

Key Features

Superior Heat Retention

ToughTank utilise light and solid Polyurethane foam insulation with stainless steel cladding to optimise heat retention.

Excellent Thermal Stratification

Thermal Stratification is a natural process where water with higher temperature will be at higher layer of water with lower temperature. A good thermal stratification calorifier will minimise the energy needed for second recirculation, i.e. to heat up water at lower temperature.

ToughTank is engineered with state-of-art diffuser, which evenly disseminates lower temperature water to higher temperature at 90% of the water volume.

Quality Material

ToughTank is made with imported superior grade stainless steel from Japan, Korea and Spain with greater durability and higher corrosion  resistance.

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